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9/18 -9/19
Week 1 Game Schedule

(6th - 8th Girls & Boys)
@Dehart Park: 120 Burnett Ave, Maplewood NJ
(9th & 10th Boys)

@Newark Academy: 91 S. Orange Ave, Livingston NJ

Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021:
7th Boys
3:00pm -- North Star vs. Crusaders→ Court 1
5:00pm -- Crusaders vs. NJ Angels→ Court 1
8th Boys (A&B)
10:00am -- Slow-Mo vs. Crusaders→ Court 1
12:00pm -- Crusaders vs. Team Discipline→ Court 2
11:00am -- Crusaders vs. YW Ballers→ Court 2
1:00pm -- Crusaders vs. Maplewood→ Court 2

Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021:
7th Girls
3:00pm -- Crusaders vs. North Star→ Court 2
4:00pm -- Madison vs. Crusaders→ Court 1
6th Boys
11:00am -- Crusaders vs. North Star→ Court 2
1:00pm -- Crusaders vs. Maplewood→ Court 1

High School Boys
(Newark Academy, 91 S Orange Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039)

9th Boys
4:30 PM    1 Newark Academy - Court 1 Dragon Army JV 
5:30 PM    1 Newark Academy - Court 3  Bulls Basketball
Win 6:30PM 1 Newark Academy - Court 3

10th Boys
12:30 PM    1 Newark Academy - Court 1    A4: Dragon Army JV    
1:30 PM    1 Newark Academy - Court 3    A1: Dragon Army HS 

July Period 2021

The Crusaders club stepped up their game this weekend by taking a pause and lending a helping hand to St. Joseph Church in West Orange. I think we got a little stronger after this one. Thanks to all that participated in this successful event!


  • We will make sure to wash and sanitize hands throughout sessions
  • PARENTS OR SPECTATORS will be allowed in the gym at a limited capacity and required to wear mask.
  • If you are not vaccinated, we are strongly encouraging you to follow CDC guidelines and wear a face mask in any public setting.
  • Masks for players and coaches are no longer required while in training but recommended.
  • Players: If you feel more comfortable wearing your face mask, you may continue to do so.
  • All players should continue to bring their own ball. Make sure to label it.

Any questions contact:

Skills Training (Day 1)

Skills Training (Day 2)

Skills Training (Day 3)

Skills Training (Day 4)

Skills Training (Day 5)

Skills Training (Day 6)

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